Speciality Product

Toasted Flaked Full Fat Soya:
C. R. Wynne Toasted Flaked Full Fat Soya has been designed with the sole target of significantly enhancing the nutritional value of Full Fat Soya Beans.
The unique toasting and flaking process:

  • Dramatically increases the DUP (Rumen Bypass) level
  • Improves Protein and energy digestibility and bio-availability
  • Neutralises any anti-nutritional factors associated with soya beans
  • Improves palatability and animal acceptance
  • Does not rely on chemicals to achieve these results
  • Toasted Flaked Full Fat Soya is an energy dense, protein enriched, high oil, highly digestible, cost effective ingredient when formulating diets for animal use.
  • The product is available in 25kg bags, bulk bags and bulk. It can also be Ground after the cooking process has taken place and this is widely used in the pig sector across all ages.
Gelatinised Wheat:
Gelatinisation is the process of altering starch in cereals to make it more digestible. It is carried out by treating cereals with high pressure by the use of overheated steam to destroy the structure of starch molecules in grain samples. Gelatinised starch has a significantly greater susceptibility to amylase degradation than raw starch.
Gelatinised grain is commonly used in piglet starter rations. The reason for this is that piglets often have difficulty coping with the sudden switch from milk to solid food. Carbohydrates replace fat as the main energy source so there is a switch from animal to vegetable protein. Because starch in its native form is difficult to digest, the gelatinisation process alters the starch to allow for an easier transition for the piglets onto starch carbohydrate energy. From our cooking plant gelatinised wheat can be supplied as whole gelatinised grain or be fully ground ready for mixing.
Toasted Flaked Cereal Blends:
The Toasting plant on site is capable of delivering mixes of varying percentages of all the cereals we cook and flake. These include Barley, Wheat, Maize, Beans, Peas and full fat soya.
We supply many merchants and retailers across the country with flaked mixes such as Beans/Peas/Full Fat Soya blends for use in their own manufactured calf and weanling blends. Varying percentages of each cereal can be included.
Also cereal mixes such as Barley/Wheat/Maize blends are now being used by beef finishers as alternatives to home processing of grain. Benefits of this to the farmer are they are guaranteed a consistent wholesome product and it also reduces time and space needed in the home treatment of grain. As well as this, the farmer may store there own grain with us on site and take it back over the course of the year as processed Toasted Cereal.