Dairy Feed


* CR Wynne high performance Coarse Dairy rations are formulated using nutritionally enhanced toasted flaked ingredients.
* In TMR diets a specific, custom formulated ration is manufactured for the customer to balance the range of forage and other feeds being fed.
* We offer a full range of specific custom formulated coarse rations for parlour feeders, out of parlour feeders as well as specialist grazing diets.
* A specialist pre-calving diet is also available in our range of coarse feeds to enable a smooth transition from the dry period into milk production.


* A full range of minerals are available to suit all systems.
* Specific custom formulated packages are available, to suit all systems, please contact your nutrition specialist.


* On farm forages sampled & analysed.
* Forage mineral analysis available.
* Results fed into the feed formuation programme.