Bespoke Design

At Charles R Wynne Ltd,  we pride ourselves on being able to meet any demand placed on us by our farmer and retailer customers.

Over the last number of years, farm systems have evolved and intensified dramatically. Beef and dairy farms have grown in size and numbers and farmers have turned to feeding alternative forages other than grass silage as a means of increasing performance.

Feeds now in common use on farm now include such energy crops as Wholecrop Wheat/Barley, Forage Maize Silage and Sugar/Fodder Beet.

Also Protein alternatives such as Brewers Grains, Orna Gold and Trafford Gold are widely in use.

Liquids such as molasses, pot ale syrup and protein enhanced molasses can also add value.

With these evolving farm systems, we have moved with increased demand to provide a bespoke ration formulation system to suit any situation on farm. If required, our sales team can measure and test any of these alternative feeds that may be available to our customers. A comprehensive, tailored feeding regime can then be designed around this to fully balance the diet of the beef cattle, dairy cows or sheep that are to be fed, whether this is in a Total Mixed Ration situation or another alternative.

Our on site feed-mill can then produce these specialist rations, be they high cereal or protein balancers for example. Full formulation of ration ingredients will be discussed with the customer to give them peace of mind as to what exactly they are purchasing.