Beef Feed

Coarse Beef Finishing Rations

Super Bull Finisher

* Designed for intensive Ad-Lib finishing of cattle and bull beef
* Contains high levels of Toasted Flaked Maize for maximum weight gain, kill-out percentage and improved carcass quality
* Feed up to ad-lib, ensuring adequate time has been allowed for livestock to adjust to the ration and are built up in feed levels over a period of time.
* Levucell Rumen Specific Yeast can be added to ensure a healty rumen, stabilise ph and improve digestion.
* Ensure fresh clean water and straw are available at all times

Golden Barley Beef

* Beef finishing ration containing optimum levels of toasted flaked cereals.
* Formulated to promote exceptional live weight gain and prime body condition in conventional rearing systems.
* Toasted Flaked Beans added to provide a native, high starch, high quality protein source.
* Maximum feed rate of 1.5kg per 100kg liveweight per day.

50:50 Cereal Balancer

* A blend based on Toasted Flaked Maize, Beet pulp and high quality proteins
* Suitable for mixing with Barley or Wheat to produce a high quality finishing ration while utilising home produced cereals.
* Mixing at 50% Cereal, 50% Balancer give 13% protein overall in the ration.

Summer Maize Beef

* Ration formulated for feeding specifically on grass
* Low protein, high energy ration
* Maximum levels of Toasted Flaked Barley, Wheat, Maize and Beans
* Molasses Beet Pulp Nuts added to ensure adequate digestible levels
* Designed for once a day feeding up to 4kg per head per day once cattle have been introduced to the feed adequately.
* Formulated as a compliment to grass, not a replacement.

Maize/Beet Balancer

  • * Designed to be fed with either forage maize or fodder beet
  • * Contains toasted flaked barley and wheat, combined with high quality protein feeds to balance out the low protein content of maize and beet
  • * Designed to balance fodder beet at a ration of 5 parts beet to 1 part concentrate
  • * Balance maize at a ratio of 3 parts maize to 1 part concentrate
  • * Mineral pack with added phosphorus included to cover animals against any deficiencies caused by these forages

  • Maintaining rumen health is key to animal performance whether dairy, beef or young stock. Levucell SC (I-1077), the rumen specific live yeast from Lallemand Animal Nutrition has been selected from over 1000 strains for its ability to stabilize rumen pH and improve digestion. This leads to significantly better growth performance and a higher return on your investment.
    In high starch diets, recent trials in Ireland have shown consistent performance improvements of up to 200g per head per day of daily live weight gain versus control when Levucell SC is fed.
    In trials last winter on forage based diets Levucell SC consistently delivered higher intake and performance by stimulating the growth of fibre digesting bacteria and fungi in the rumen.
    Using Levucell SC ensures growing stock reach their growth targets while maintaining good rumen health.